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Love at First Sight


Up and until when I was in my second year in campus, I always imagined-the word should be believed instead of imagined if you ask me-that there is no way on earth where somebody could fALL IN love with another just after meeting once and ogling at each other without words being exchanged. Towards the end of my second year in campus, in time before dissertation, however-which happened to be six or so months ago-I realized that it is more than possible to love somebody at first sight. At the time I was working as a library assistant in campus on part time basis just for that extra coin to make campus life more meaningful.
It is important to note at this point in time that at the time I was meeting this lady I had never had a girlfriend in my life. I actually used to convince myself that I was among the few guys who could decide to be celibate and not mince over it. I had that state of mind until the day I met Elizabeth, Liz in short in the library while dissertation writing . She had come to pick a book in the library; our eyes met and held when she was having the book signed at the library attendant’s desk before she could walk out with it.
As I gazed at her, I felt my heart palpitating more than usual; I tried speaking but my tongue stuck to the roof of my palate. I thank fate I didn’t speak at the time because I am sure it would have come out wrongly anyway. I could physiCally visualize the temperature of my body Raise by over two-hundred percent. Three or so minutes later, the lady left the room and I regained my composure. It was then that I realized that this had not been some random experience from the blues. I got hooked up to the lady less than a week later. We had fallen in love at first sight.

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